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22.01.2024⎮tz⎮Münchner Merkur⎮ Photographer Dieter Blum in the ludwig space Munich: When is a man a man?


von Katja Kraft

Yes, yes, this photo is completely politically incorrect. How Dieter Blum's Marlboro man lights up his next smoke. In real leather clothes! With a cowboy hat! A lasso in hand! And yet even vegans have to admit: unfortunately, quite attractive. Whether we want it or not, we are all shaped by ideals of masculinity that advertising portrays to us. This iconic campaign from the tobacco company did it particularly skillfully. Photographer Dieter Blum shot his smoking cowboys in the 1990s in such a casual way - it even beat the Coca-Cola man, who was topless. ...

Photo by Münchner Merkur/ Dieter Blum

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