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Living on my own ⎮ Fraiman, Kajzer, Vovk, Poppenberg

In the face of increasing digital challenges, Zohar Fraiman works on the concept of identity in the context of temporary beauty, food or the omnipresent mobile phone and TV cult. Aneta Kajzer shows figures that emerge spontaneously during the painting process. They often have a thoughtful or fleeting character and are the basis for far-reaching chains of associations. In her work, the cute is juxtaposed with the grotesque, repulsive and frightening, as well as the funny and ridiculous. Fritz Poppenberg asks himself, ‘How is identity expressed in a picture in terms of content? What ‘truth’ can be depicted in painting?’ He works on ambiguous figures and explores the theme of loneliness - despite all-encompassing networking. The German-Ukrainian artist, Marta Vovk, uses irony and deliberate irritation to question her migrant identity or settle accounts with the German peace movement. The result is an associative interplay between banality and meaningfulness, (digital) self-staging and worries, infantile manga aesthetics and major depression.

Photos by Mary-Jo Wegener, Neven Allgeier, David Paul Maharan, Helena Melikov


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