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European Capital of Culture 2023 | Judith Fegerl | Group exhibition Kunsthalle Bega

March 18th, 2023

Artist Judith Fegerl takes part in the opening exhibition „Different Degrees of Freedom“ for the European Capital of Culture 2023, Timisoara/ Temeswar in Romania starting today. The title of the exhibition at Kunsthalle BEGA is inspired by the work of Judith Fegerl.
She shows there the video „unbraid“, 2020 and five sculptures „batch“, 2017.
The Viennese artist works over 20 years on the topic „energy/ electricity“. She describes her video: „Following my passion for technical material I see simillarities between cables and wires and human hair, also the craft of braiding (…). I engage or produce entangled threads or twisted cables, so I felt the necessity at one point to take it apart.

Kunsthalle BEGA

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