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25 may 2023⎪"converter" by judith fegerl⎪new art intervention in the museum quarter vienna

May 25th, 2023

Vienna (OTS) - Four meter high sculptures made of steel and photovoltaic modules by Judith Fegerl (...)

„converter“ – Judith Fegerl
MQ Haupthof bis Ende Oktober 2023

Judith Fegerl has been artistically dealing with energy as a medium and material for many years. Her new work of art "converter" is a hybrid structure made of steel, photovoltaic panels, light and electronic components that "feeds" on sunlight. The three sculptures have formal and thematic references to technical objects, architectural forms as well as to the flora and fauna; they seem strange and familiar at the same time. The overall appearance is reminiscent of a hybrid of machine and organism, seems archaic and futuristic at the same time.While the photovoltaic panels convert solar energy into electrical energy during the day, which is fed into the power grid, the sculpture provides shade for visitors: inside. At night, the production ratio is reversed and the sculpture becomes a consumer of the solar energy previously fed in: it emits intense violet light."converter" deals with the ecological, cultural, aesthetic and systemic aspects of the use of photovoltaics and negotiates the relationship between nature and technology as well as the effects and benefits of technological developments.

Talk on the MQ summer stage:
Wed, May 31st, 7pm, Judith Fegerl in conversation with Verena Kaspar-EisertCurated by Verena Kaspar-Eisert

With the kind support of Sonnenkraft

Photo by MQ Wien


"With her installation, Judith Fegerl focuses on the use of natural resources and the use of technological developments and thus takes up the theme 'MQ goes Green' artistically," says MQ Director Bettina Leidl.

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