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18 April 2024, 6-9 pm⎮Exhibition opening⎮ marco schuler⎮neue werke⎮

April 18th, 2024

Childlike curiosity and impartiality
Marco Schuler appropriates the gallery space on Ludwigstrasse with exuberant artistic vitality and almost 50 works. Childlike curiosity and impartiality, ingenuity and expressiveness, humor and playfulness, spirituality and creativity form the ingredients of Schuler's diverse creations. With a profound belief in images and a disciplined access to the subconscious, he creates such succinct, plastic expression modules. These products can be experienced directly. References to all human experiences and emotions are evident. This is how all sorts of characters act in Schuler's pictorial cosmos, astonished representatives of the miracle of life.

Photo by Marco Schuler

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