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New Year's reception: Economic policy in the polycrisis - how do we overcome the challenges?

Monday February 5th, 2024, 7pm–9pm

Highly decorated with the most important German research prize, the Leibniz Prize 2022, he is considered one of the most renowned German economists, but also controversial. As he says, he wants to brush politics against the grain and be uncomfortable. Moritz Schularick is characterised by the fact that he speaks an open language. Schularick has also made a name for himself as a crisis researcher. Immediately after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Schularick called for an immediate gas embargo on Russia. In the summer of 2023, he said: "We would have got through the winter without Russian gas, the politicians just didn't dare. My reading is that we haven't been particularly successful in recent crises and that we often lack the intellectual infrastructure, the mental flexibility, the necessary dose of pragmatism to let the rules be the rules and do what the situation requires." Moritz Schularick stands for crisis expertise. What plans does he have for the institute?

In interviews, he draws comparisons with works of art/artists. Artists as seismographs of their time, as I also understand it. The topicality of this conversation forms a link to the current exhibition

Dieter Blum MEN

With his world-famous advertising photographs for Marlboro from the 1990s, 88-year-old German photographer Dieter Blum transformed the myth of freedom in the American campaign. Many of his motifs have become part of the mainstream of the collective visual memory. Blum's trademark: The coarse grain and exaggerated colours that give his works an almost cinematic dramatic quality. The exhibition shows around fifteen large-format and now rare photographs, including the last available image ofLow Clearance.

We are establishing a unique "think tank" / dialogue concept for galleries.
Pragmatism, freedom, adventure, to what extent can we "let rules be rules?" - I spoke to Moritz Schularick about Germany and the question "What does new pragmatism look like?" in the context of the exhibition.

The Munich Speech® is an exclusive, international, non-profit series of events, to discuss cutting-edge art- and culture-topics in a private surrounding. The name Munich Speech® derives from the celebrated series „Speeking about your own country: Germany“ at the Kammerspiele Munich in 1985 with Joseph Beuys.

Produced and presented since 2014 by Dietlinde Behncke (cultural manager and journalist, formerly at ZDF headquarter Berlin), the focus lies on outstanding positions/ personalities, who change, take action for or develop visions for Munich or change an institution in the world from Munich and who receive direct and immediate attention through the Munich Speech®. Due to the corona pandemic, there were also Munich Speech® digital live streams in 2020-2022.

The events took place three to four times a year until 2022 in André and Dietlinde Behncke's private apartment. The events are currently taking place at behncke gallery I ludwig space, since the gallery was founded on January 31, 2023.
Previous guests in 2017 included Dr. Roger Diederen (Director Kunsthalle Munich) with the FAUST-FESTIVAL MUNICH, 2018 Dr. Angelika Nollert (Director Die Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum in the Pinakothek der Moderne), 2019 Alexander Liebreich (Conductor and artistic director Richard-Strauss-Festival Garmisch-Partenkirchen), 2022 Dr. Eva Kraus (Director Bundeskunsthalle Bonn) "No future without transformation?" or Andrea Lissoni (in 2021 and 2022 - Artistic Director Haus der Kunst) and Sarah Haugeneder (Boardmember Various Others) about VARIOUS OTHERS in its 5th year or Prof. Bernhard Maaz (Director General of the Bavarian State Painting Collections) on the subject of "Art deals with the essence of life".

Munich speech invite
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