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Collectors Agenda Vienna

Thursday February 16th, 2023, 8pm–9pm

Collectors Agenda is an international digital art platform, print magazine and project space in Vienna. Judith Fegerl (*1977, Vienna) showed a new series of works there last year (October 18th to November 26th, 2022) in a duo show with Andreas Duscha entitled "power harvest", which deals with the insatiable (yet never realizable) Man's urge for infinite energy and the dream of being able to generate this energy.

Collectors Agenda creates timeless, personal and informative portraits of the most exciting artists of our time and other players in the art world for an international readership of art enthusiasts. The scope for discussions about contemporary art should be extended beyond the established art scene to other creative and open-minded people and thus a new generation of potentially aspiring art collectors. Collector's Agendas team works in Vienna, Berlin, London, New York and other art metropolises and has different qualifications in the fields of cultural management, marketing, design, publishing, blogging and journalism.

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